Saturday, 28 May 2016

River Get Well Project

As River is going through a difficult time, RiverMegan Team International would like to let him know that his fans all over the world think of him and wish him a speedy recovery.
If you want to participate, it's very easy: send a get well letter, either long or short is good, or a copy of a short message on a get well card at The deadline is June 3rd.

Don't forget to sign your messages and to mention your country of origin.

All contributions will then be blended onto a big card and delivered to River in Taiwan.

Those who'd like to send good luck or blessing charms are invited to contact the project team via email.

Thank you in advance for participating.

The Project Team

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Check out our new blog dedicated to RM projects

Dear All,

I invite you to check out our new blog at:

This blog is dedicated to River-Megan projects and is held by the RiverMegan Team International with the sole objective of allowing old and new fans of River Chen and Megan Lai all over the world to show them love and support through different projects.

From now on, updates on the ongoing Megan's musical project will be found on the new blog.

This blog will remain active, but will be exclusively devoted to Bromance related projects.

The Project Team

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Our birthday present for River

For River’s birthday project, we’ve decided to ask willing fans to write a well wish birthday message to be collected, packaged and delivered. However, as the project launched, we thought to add more meaning to his special day besides writing him, and this is how the homeless shelter donation was initiated: so our contribution makes his birthday gift an everlasting one and has a positive impact on innocent lives. River once said his father told him as a boy, a real man will protect the less fortunate, women, children and the little animals. His father used to bring home little ones to play with him and hence his passion for homeless animals has never stopped. He himself has been an advocate of adopt not shop.
Fans from 15 countries from 4 continents came together, to wish River a special birthday with birthday messages and helping the innocent lives, giving us an opportunity to not simply idolize someone, but be a part of a mission to improve lives that are taken for granted, like his famous saying給予Gei-Yu; giving happiness is the best birthday gift. Not only was it a special day in River’s life, but the fans also took part in a special mission.
More than 40 messages were inserted in a little fun gift box for him to explore, have fun finding each thoughtful message.

Seeing how fans participated in the homeless animal event, it was important that each mercy is blessed with its own page, therefore all of your 給予Gei-Yu were collected in a separate album.
It’s never too old, too redundant or too cliché to say, thank you all for the joint participation, as a team. Special thanks to the Taiwan friends who lent a very helping hand, again, to assure the project was well planned out, executed & delivered on time, taking no credits. One of them delivered the gifts to River’s manager and said the manager promised to let him know, asked if it was from the same international fans. The friend told her yes.
Last note to share with all who participated: on his birthday, his manager texted the person who delivered the gifts to her. The text read: "On his behalf, please tell each of them a thank you."

The Project Team

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Megan's musical

Don't miss the chance to show Megan your encouragement and love! Your  letters/messages will be forwarded to her in occasion of the next step of her musical.
The deadline for submission is the 20 May, the address

The Project Team

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Megan's musical - Tainan

On 6th May, a second floral arrangement was delivered to Megan together with letters and messages from fans all around the world to show her all our love and support in occasion of the first performance of her musical in Tainan.

Megan updated her weibo and thanked all the participants, including us, the River Megan Team International

Again, Thank You for participating to this project, and please continue sending your messages for Megan.
Here is the email address:

The Project Team

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Megan's musical - Taichung

On 16 April, the first preformance of Megan’s musical More Than Words was given in Taichung. In this occasion and with the help of several persons on site, we had a floral arrangement with a collection of support letters and messages from all around the world delivered for her at the theatre (see pictures below). Each element of the floral arrangement was carefully chosen according to Megan’s personality and taste.
A heartfelt « Thank You » to all those who participated in all the stages of the project.
It's not finished: things are already being prepared for Megan’s next musical rally, so, please continue submitting your messages (long or short) and remember to include your name (real or cyber) as well as your country, for she is already familiar with the project.
Here is the email address:
The Project Team


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Birthday present for River: update

Besides honorary donations, your birthday messages are of course very welcome. These will be added to the album we are preparing for River.
You can email them at Don't forget to include your name (real or cyber), as well as your country of origin.

The deadline is 28 April 2016.